Take Your Seat

This seat,
In posture and place,
An appointment we may wish to forget,
But what a wasted opportunity it would be,
To miss the only moment we have.
Nothing more. nothing less.
For to let this space be swallowed by the tides of tomorrow,
Is to resign ourselves from ever seeing the sunrise beyond such tides.
To keep company with the dogged ghosts of times now passed,
Is to forget where we must practice our compassion.
For the craving of the corrupt is nothing more than this,
To arise each day and see this seat sat empty.
So if it must be said, waste no time and sit.
In time you will see,
Nothing can shake the foundations of this system,
Like that of your presence.
No subversion as simple as simplicity itself.
So just show up, here in this moment,
And take your seat.