For Every Occasion

For every occasion,
Bring yourself completely unto this moment.
Arrive at the door of the ever unfurling present,
And allow the hands of distraction to draw you ever closer in.
Sit comfortably with the noise and unease,
As it pulls you away from the seeking of silence,
And the grasping for moments of a stillness passed.
Forgo the idea of the enlightened mind,
And rest now amongst the turbulent waves.
Not falling beneath their oppressive weight,
Nor rising above their rolling motions,
But just sitting with them, sitting with it all,
Moving with the water.
For this is the only place you will find rest.
Here, where the cuckoo calls and the wind howls.
Where your aching limbs bend and stretch,
And your mind calls out for quiet.
This is the moment for rest.
Not to sleep or retreat from this world,
But to remain wide awake,
For this is the very moment that you need the most.