Mother Bear

mother bear
moves through fierceness and light,
from gentle compassion to motherly might,
and even with darkness obscuring her sight,
mother bear knows which measure is right.

In Your Skin

In your skin,
Words etched,
In a language that we will never speak.

In your years,
Stories held,
Valuable as those inked on to pressed flesh.

In your time,
Wars waged,
For the pain of these tied tongues between us.

In your age,
Stillness seen,
And such prospects of peace to behold.

The Flight Of The Swallow

Drawn in the flight of the swallow,
Caught on the wind,
And carried upon the dusk chorus,
By blackbird, song thrush and passing traffic.
Through pine needles and broad-leaf canopies,
Across private lawns and telephone lines,
It arrives before me,
This contagious smile,
Ready to be set upon my face,
And shared.

These Words

these words – a dull blade,
which may cut through the surface,
but never to the heart of things,
neither to bone nor truth.

Through The Detail

Give yourself to the quiet complexities of life,
To the humble artistry of the world.
Rest there without reason or resolve,
And the song of simplicity will surface through the detail.